Picnic Shakespeare Programme

Atlas Theatre Company’s ‘Picnic Shakespeare Programme’ is designed to make the world of William Shakespeare accessible to children. Often called England’s national poet, Shakespeare’s work plays a pivotal part within British culture, and continues to inspire and develop both literature and theatre. At Atlas Theatre Company we believe these wonderful pieces of work and poetic language should be open to the youth of our society.

As part of our ‘Picnic Shakespeare Programme’ we create an hour long adaptation of a well know Shakespearean classic (Previous shows include ‘Bottom’s Dream’ and adaptation of ‘A Mid-summer nights Dream’) which we then take into schools and perform for students (Currently in the North East, England) we also then provide a 45 minute interactive workshop on some of the basic principles of Shakespeare’s work, poetry, storytelling and iambic pentameter. This is designed to enthuse students to get involved and for them themselves to experiment with the concepts provided; with the aim that they will gain further understanding of the language and style, encouraging them to explore Shakespeare further with an open and willing mind.

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