Our previous shows…

ALICE – December 2016

We’re All Mad Here!

Atlas Theatre Company Present ALICE, based on the infamous novel and poetry of Lewis Carol, adapted by Holly-Rose Kneller.
Meet our modern Alice as she stumbles across Wonderland discovering her place in the world. This exciting new twist features all your favourite characters and many more. Moments that will make you both laugh and cry, ALICE is a perfect adventure for all the family this Christmas. Don’t be late!


Bottom’s Dream – May 2016

Atlas Theatre Company’s Picnic Shakespeare Program travelling round schools in the north east, with a performance in Mowbray Park Sunderland at the end of May!

Shakespeare’s timeless classic ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ has taken a new form under the name of ‘Bottoms Dream’ an all new, fun, high energy and visually exciting adaptation by Clive Kneller designed to familiarize children with the wonderful works of William Shakespeare. Whilst staying true to Shakespeare’s language and narrative this vibrant, shortened adaptation explores the story of the mechanicals putting on a play whilst the plots of Fairy King Oberon against his Queen Titania cause tricks to be played by the mischievous Puck jeopardising the mechanicals final show. ‘Bottom’s Dream’ is perfect for school years 5 to 8 and is a fantastic introduction to Shakespeare and his many works.

Bottoms Dream.png

Where’s The Blame – March 2016

When Ruby’s body is found, there are three clear suspects for her murder, her lover who is secretly married, his begrudged wife and her secretive boss. Join Police Detectives Hayley and Harriet to work out the cause of Ruby’s suspicious death and the events that led up to that fateful moment.

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The Pillowman – March 2016

Katurian, a writer of short stories which often depict violence against children, has been arrested by two detectives, Ariel and Tupolski, because some of her stories resemble recent child murders. When she hears that her sister Michelle has also been brought in. She struggles to piece together why they have both been arrested.

An all-female cast tackles this hard-hitting thrilling drama. With elements of Black Comedy.

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The Sinking Boat – February 2016

‘The Sinking Boat’ is an episodic piece of theatre designed to evoke thought within audiences. The piece explores political, social boundaries and naivety, through the use of different theatre styles; from the more abstract style of physical theatre seen in ‘The Masters Mansion’, use of mime, to the slightly more realistic feel of pieces such as ‘Dysfunction’. The variety of styles intends to explore the assortment of ways, we as humanity categories and label ourselves.



A Christmas Carol – December 2015

Join us as we take the adventure to 1880’s London in Charles Dickens timeless classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. Witness the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old man, who is well-known for his miserable visited by a series ghosts on Christmas Eve, conducted by his deceased business partner, Jacob Marley. Can they make him see the error of his ways? Can Ebenezer truly repent in time for Christmas in this all new, dark, twist on the well know classic?